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Suki, a Pembrook Welch Corgi, was given to the ship while inport Bombay, India from the American Embassy, late 1962/early 1963.  Suki is of royal stock from a litter of pups from the Queen of England (or so the story goes).  He was a pure bred but was not of show quality and that is the reason he was given to ship.    The reason he was not show quality is that one ear is slightly lower than the other (believe it or not).  Suki lived like a king with a good run of the ship as shown by the pix below and news article.  One had to look for land mines in the middle of the night when you walked barefoot.  Suki's legs were so short that he had to be carried up the ladders.  His short short legs also earned him the nickname as OOOO-OOOO.  Won't go into details, just suffice to say he kept getting hung up on the hatch.  Thanx to James Magaw and John Rossy, I have learned that Suki retired and left the navy with a retiring Gunners Mate.  Possibly, back to Kentucky.  Little by little we will piece the puzzle together.  More pictures of him are coming and as soon as I get them y'all be able to see them.