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A bolt of lightning inspired the men
To name a squadron DESRON 10,
To lead the task force undetermined
They choose the finest, FORREST SHERMAN

Through rough seas and calm ones too
The Squadron Leader has seen us through.
Through the water with speed and slyness,
She got her name "the first and finest".

Over the seven seas the SHERMAN sails,
Each member of her crew bringing home their tales.
To the crew she is known as a home and a feeder
But she stands out ahead, as a Squadron Leader.

A ship with honor both present and past,
Into the future her name will last.
She will serve her country with honor and pride,
Always coming through, taking it in stride.

The SHERMAN will always be known as the best,
She will live up to the lightning on her crest,
In every language from Greek to German,
The finest on the seas-"USS FORREST SHERMAN"

Steve Purrington EM3